What are Yantras?

Vedic Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences; it is believed to be 7000 years old which makes Vedic Astrology probably as old as the Vedas themselves. Vedic Astrology is highly adored in various ancient scriptures and since time immemorial has a very profound influence in an individual’s life right from the time of his birth till his death. Vedic Astrology is deeply entrenched in the Vedas; in fact concepts and philosophies such as Karma and reincarnation are borrowed from Vedic Astrology which later became part of everyday culture. Using principal of Vedic Astrology a learned astrologer can make predictions not only about good and bad phases in one’s life but also about specifics such as career, business, health, marriage and in fact every aspect of a person’s life.

How does a Yantra work?

Vedic Astrology is one of the most ancient Yantras are considered as the abodes of divine powers. They encompass within themselves the required shape or form energy (energy of a Deity or Mantra programmed in to them). Everything in the universe is energy all Deities and even one’s thoughts and wishes. When placed in a particular direction and activated through Pran Pratistha Puja (Energization) using the beej mantra the Yantra resonates at a specific energy which the geometry of the Yantra holds. These energetic vibrations are of a particular Deity or that of a particular intention which in turn helps in the manifestation of the required benefit. Yantras are also the most efficient tool for meditation; they help enhance focus and concentration. As meditation is done on a Mantra likewise it can also be done on the schematic representation of the Mantra meaning a Yantra.

Significance and Properties of Yantras

Lord Shiva has explained to Maa Parvati that Yantras are as essential to Gods as oil is to an oil lamp. Yantras and their significance find mentioned in Vedas and after that in many other Vedic scriptures there onwards. In ancient times, Science of Yantras was taught in ancient Gurukuls. Even Lord Krishna and Balaram studied Yantras in their Gurukul. Lord Krishna has also spoken about Yantras and their significance in Srimad Bhagwad Gita. Yantra Shastra a branch of ancient science was entirely dedicated to the study of Yantras. In ancient times Yantras also known as Mandalas were used extensively in architecture especially during construction of a temple. Yatra Puja also forms an integral part of Tantra Sadhana like Shakti Sadhaks do Sri Chakra Sadhana for power and prosperity. Yantras may be sketched on various surfaces out of which eight are considered standard which are Gold, Silver, Crystal, Copper, Bone, Hide, Birch and Shalagram.

Types of Yantra

Yantras can be classified in to different categories like Planetary Yantra, Yantras for various purposes, Yantras for Deities, Numerical Yantras and more. Then there are 3D or three dimensional Yantras known as Meru Yantras. There are also Beej Yantras that represent the Beej Mantras of Deities and also Bisa Yantras. Yantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu and His manifestations are called Vaishnava Yantras and that to Lord Shiva are called Shaiva Yantras. Yantras can also be classified depending upon the surface of benefits they provide like there are Yantras for protection and Yantras for prosperity and more.

Yantra Benefits

  • Yantra Puja is one of the most preferred and apt methods to worship the Divine
  • Yantras are source of abundant positive energy thus they cleanse the environment around them

  • Yantras can be both kept on the Puja altar or be worn, in the second case it is very convenient to draw benefits of enhanced energies all day long and be close to Divinity
  • Yantras for specific purposes help fulfil all wishes and blesses the user with health, wealth, prosperity, wisdom, success, harmony and abundance  
  • Yantras also help pacify all malefic effect of Planets and Planetary Doshas in one’s Kundli or Horoscope

Yantras in ancient Vedic scriptures

A Yantra symbolizes a Divine Power  – Devi Bhagavatam

antra science i.e. composing magic squares, arrangements of numbers adding up to the same total in all directions is one of the 64 arts and sciences learned by Krishna and Balaram when at Gurukula  – Srimad Bhagwatam

Most Popular Yantras