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In today’s day and age people are fast realizing that their physical (body), mental (mind) and spiritual (soul) well being is interconnected and interlinked. Over the past centuries, unfortunately with time the treasure-trove of spiritual and Vedic knowledge got side-lined probably due to internal corruption to a certain degree and because of influence from outside world which had very little and limited understanding due to their own cultural beliefs. Limited information sharing and access to this knowledge and then in the last few decades with the dawn of capitalism and people becoming materialistic were probably other factors because of which the spiritual dimension on one’s life remained ignored.

But lately as information sharing becomes easier, slowly but surely people are understanding the significance of returning back to their roots. All over the world people are taking up Yoga and meditation and benefiting in a big way. Rituals and practises which were brushed off as superstition due to limited and little knowledge are being understood with an open mind and many a times this ancient and Vedic knowledge is now getting ratified through scientific research too. In fact thousands of years back the scientific knowledge which the ancient sages possessed in astronomy, metallurgy, alchemy and even Yoga, meditation, philosophy etc is most astonishing to say the least if not divine.

We as humans have received many gifts and the required knowledge and wisdom to live a blissful and fulfilling life. We have all the answers required it’s just that we need to know where to look and have faith. Picture this one of the names of Lord Shiva is Bholenath meaning simpleton or childlike or innocent, thus it is believed He is very easy to please. He gets pleased easily and blesses His devotees even if worshipped using water and Bilva leaves in fact Puja samagri used in Lord Shiva Puja are mostly wild flowers and fruits.

Also Lord Krishna had stated that in Kali Yuga loving and caring for cows will be equivalent to worshipping Him and will yield the same benefits. Thus through ancient Vedic knowledge and wisdom it is very easy to gain benefits and live a spiritual enriching, fulfilling and blissful life.

At OmMoksh we are a bunch of spiritually inclined and aligned individuals who are educated professionals having a modern and scientific outlook and approach towards things. OmMoksh has been started with the mission to spread accurate and authentic Vedic wisdom and knowledge in simple language so can an individual can benefit and gain spiritual upliftment. Along with spreading knowledge about Sanatan Dharma and dispersing myths our mission is also to be leading supplier of authentic and genuine, hand selected spiritual products and services such as Rudraksha, Gems, Yantras, Parad, Puja Services and other products of highest quality along with the right usage methodology.

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